Cord Cutting with YouTube TV, part 3

YouTube TV cancelledI ended my YouTube TV subscription. YouTube TV was not ready for my primetime.

Cancelling YouTube TV was simple, a few clicks and the subscription was gone. Google has simple instructions that show a subscriber how to terminate the plan at Cancel your YouTube TV membership. No retention specialist hindered me, unlike my experience with Optimum cable TV.

What ultimately made up my mind?

Watching YouTube TV on phone, tablet or computer was fine. Watching YouTube TV streaming (cast) to a TV was painful. Pre-roll commercials would play fine when I started the cast.  When the program was supposed to play I would see an error message, as pictured above.

Sometimes if I switched to a different program and then back to what I wanted to watch, the problem would resolve. The pre-roll ads would play again and sometimes the program would play, too. Often this didn’t work. I would have to stop casting, kill the app, restart the app, etc. This same error would sometimes occur in the middle of a program.

This was not a good user experience (UX). It was an unacceptable experience.

Antennas anyone?

During my test of YouTube TV, I experimented with over-the-air (OTA) broadcast television. We live in an area of Connecticut far away from the TV station antennas in NYC or Hartford. I bought two digital TV antennas—an indoor one and an 80 mile outdoor antenna. The major television stations’ signals were not available. Both antennas were able to pull in a few stations from Long Island or New Haven, stations that we would never watch. I put the antennas away.

What next?

We no longer have linear television—cable or OTA. We have subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube Red. We rent or buy movies and TV shows on Google Play, Amazon Video and Vudu, We watch this from a Roku device connected to the TV.

Will we miss cable TV? I don’t think so. Time will tell.