Cord Cutting with YouTube TV, part 1

The coax cable I cut and removed from my home theater yesterday.

A day or two ago, Altice, owner of Optimum, and Disney Corp. announced they had reached a new carriage agreement for Disney’s channels, which include ABC, ESPN and Disney channels. Cable TV pundits think the new Optimum monthly surcharge for Disney channels will be as much as $6 per month per subscriber before taxes. The surcharge is scheduled to take effect with Optimum’s November 2017 bills.  In August 2017, Optimum added a $3.99 Broadcast TV surcharge, which is $4.53 per month per subscriber after CT taxes. This is to pay broadcast TV stations, like CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC for being carried on Optimum. These are called retransmission fees.  You might want to write your congressmen and senators about why this is allowed.

It was time to remove the Disney/Fox/Comcast… corporate hands in my pocket. I don’t blame Optimum. The rising cost of cable TV is directly attributable to the greedy executives at these big content companies and the congressional cyprians who take their money and do their bidding at the expense of the citizenry.

I called Optimum to cancel cable TV. After getting routed to the “retention” department, I was put on hold for 10 minutes.  I then spoke with a “retention specialist” name Rob (AKA Whoreson). He wouldn’t let me cancel the cable TV subscription. He had to waste 15 minutes of my time arguing with me about what I was losing and what he could do to lower the cost (for a year, at which time I would have to go through this crap again.) I wanted no part of that.

Because of the nonsense of hassling with Whoreson, I am now considering replacing Optimum’s phone service with a third party. If I had a choice of internet providers I might switch that too.

When I finally convinced Whoreson I wanted to cancel and he could not dissuade me, he did what I asked. My cable modem rebooted a few minutes later and cable TV was gone. I returned the Optimum CableCARD from my TiVo this morning.

Yesterday, I signed up for a YouTube TV trial. More about that in my next post.