Charles Babbage November 18, 2015

Richard Frisch will present  Charles Babbage: The Man Who Invented the Computer at the Redding Mark Twain Library on November 18, 7:30pm. The Library is located at 439 Redding Road, Redding, CT 06896 They can be contacted at 203-938-2545.

(c) National Trust, Dudmaston; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
1820 painting of Charles Babbage, age 28.

No man in history has been more ahead of his time. Babbage’s story is one of genius, creativity, invention, personal loss, and failure. He was a polymath: mathematician, philosopher, scientist, economist, inventor and much more. Contrary to the general belief Alan Turing invented the digital computer during World War II, as popularized in the movie, The Imitation Game, Babbage invented it over a century earlier.

Babbage revolutionized mechanical computation in the early stages of the Industrial Revolution, inventing two incredible calculating engines and a mechanical general purpose programmable computer.

His acolyte, Ada Lovelace, is often referred to as the world’s first programmer.

He studied, wrote and published books on many subjects including: manufacturing, economics, theology, and scientific education. In his pursuit of the mechanical computer he invented methods for mechanical drafting, precision engineering, metallurgy, printing and much more.

Babbage is the first episode of Richard Frisch’s lecture series The Titans and Tyrants of Technology: from the Industrial Revolution to today.